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Interning at Financial Canvas and our new correlation charts!!

By Oscar Squirrell and Sam Twite
September 13, 2021
Topic: Pensions

Hello World!  This is Oscar Squirrell and Sam Twite with our first blog working for Financial Canvas.  We are both A-Level students working at Financial Canvas over the summer seeing how our maths and, respectively, economics and computer science is applied in the real world…

Our broad task was to familiarise ourselves with the Financial Canvas economic scenario g... Continue reading

Tags: economic scenarios measuring correlation financial canvas financial canvas intern

CDI Explorer - NEW Model developed with Momentum Investment Solutions & Consulting!

By Chris Squirrell
January 21, 2019
Topic: Cashflow

Have you been following the CDI debate or looking at alternatives to Gilts based funding measures?

Moving away from traditional actuarial valuations and focusing explicitly on a pension scheme’s ability to meet its cashflow requirements can lead to some interesting observations...  

Working with Momentum ISC, we have developed an interactive cashflow modelling tool to help sponsors and trustees understand the fundamental risks they are running.   

The tool has signific... Continue reading

Tags: Pensions Investment CDI

Interning at Sciurus Analytics and exploring Financial Canvas as a tool for analysing time series

By Hannah Dyson
September 14, 2018
Topic: Financial models

My first year studying Mathematics has given me a great foundation to build on, but I wanted to see the maths I’ve learned being used in real-life. Interning at Sciurus Analytics, a start-up based in a lively co-working space in Wimbledon, for a few weeks this summer, has given me insight into the ways I might use my degree once I’ve graduated.  I’ve seen daily stand-ups and agile working, as well as had the opportunity to explore applications of mathematics in a business contex... Continue reading


Improve your analytics or the ui/ux?

By Chris Squirrell
November 20, 2017
Topic: Model Visualisation

At a client review meeting recently, I caught up with Rob Gardner at the café below Redington’s impressive new office, just a few minutes’ walk from Bank Station in the heart of the City. 

Rob was outlining how Financial Canvas can help Redington to deliver their ambitious aim to bring financial security to 100 million people. As we chatted, jotted and sketched, Rob created this delightfully simple grid that formed the basis of our conversation for the rest of the meeting. 

<... Continue reading
Tags: making decisions with confidence ALM visualising models visualising outputs


By Chris Squirrell
November 02, 2017
Topic: Model Visualisation

Another great blog from our John Walley and his amazing work creating online dashboards for Financial Canvas clients...  Contact us today to build a dashboard for you.

A few months ago, I wrote about reusable charts. The thinking behind the blog post fed into the initial design for a new web application - Financial Canvas Studio. It helps professionals in the pension industry understand their financial models and the assumptions that go into them - leading to smarter decisions.

At its heart, the application presents... Continue reading

Tags: Financial Models Dashboards Visualising


By Chris Squirrell
October 02, 2017
Topic: Pensions

We were interested in the comments from PSolve “Cashflow Negative? Don’t worry about it!”

Whilst we appreciate the sentiment – and that might be the right advice in many circumstances – don’t forget that as benefit payments start to grow a dangerous black hole awaits.

We believe that Trustees ignore cashflows at their peril!

Why is this?

For younger pension schemes you can make an argument for behaving as a long-term investor. Rather like a turbine generating energy from waves, a pension scheme can rid... Continue reading

Tags: Cashflow Pensions Liabilities

Integrated Risk Management in Practice

By Chris Squirrell
September 05, 2017
Topic: Pensions

We were delighted to see the article in the Actuary this month looking at the impact of including covenant risk in asset liability modelling for defined benefit pension schemes and thank the authors for bringing this important topic to a wider audience.

Our mission is to create easy online access to these tools for all schemes. Technology is the great enabler of our age and we believe that all trustees should be able to access this advice based on their circumstances and presented in a clear and engaging fashion so that they can ma... Continue reading

Tags: Asset allocation Risk Asset liability


By Chris Squirrell
August 18, 2017
Topic: ESG's
UK-based financial analytics provider Financial Canvas is promising insurers a flexible and easy-to-use economic scenario generator (ESG) that could save them hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Established by Chris Squirrell, a former head of ALM modelling and stochastic valuation at Aon Consulting, Financial Canvas has been working with pension schemes, life insurers and advisors since 2013 to provide analytics solutions, including an alternative to the off-the-shelf ESGs that currently dominate the market.

Many of the exi... Continue reading

Tags: ESG Modelling Pensions Analytics


By Chris Squirrell
August 17, 2017
Topic: Investible benchmark

Financial Canvas Studio - Investible Benchmark - Short Demo from Sciurusly on Vimeo.

More from financial-canvas-studio helping trustees make better decisions with confidence. Watch this trailer to see our web-based dashboards at work and comment here if you’d like to see this analysis for your scheme. How robust is your LDI solution?!

Continue reading
Tags: Investible Dashboards Financial modelling


By Chris Squirrell
August 07, 2017
Topic: Financial models

Deciding on design and features for any software always benefits from getting the users involved. In this post we’ll give a quick update on the Studio, our online charting environment, before passing the reins over to you and asking for your input on the first of many design questions we will be posing.

The ESG (Economic Scenario Generator) dashboard helps our clients understand the nature of the simulations that we/they have generated. What features does it include? Does it capture your views correctly so that you can use it to te... Continue reading

Tags: Dashboards Financial Canvas Visualising outputs


By Chris Squirrell
August 01, 2017
Topic: ESG's

We are delighted to invite you to take a look at the first charts designed under John Walleys new React/d3 framework. https://lnkd.in/gTjRDD9 The design is flexible and we would love to hear your comments or suggestions.

Please contact us for more information or if you would like access to the full ESG model – info@financialcanvas.co.uk

The ESG dashboard charts the simulations and summary statistics from our Economic Scenario Generator with rich distributions that are easy to calibrate to your Capital Market Assumption. Y... Continue reading

Tags: Financial Canvas John Walley ESGs


By Chris Squirrell
August 01, 2017
Topic: Pensions

Financial Canvas are delighted to announce that Momentum Investment Solutions & Consulting (Momentum ISC), part of Momentum Global Investment Management, has become the latest firm to sign up to use the Financial Canvas ESG and risk modelling platform.

Momentum ISC is built up of an experienced team of investment consultants who provide independent advice to UK pension schemes.

Financial Canvas is a drag-and-drop environment for building and running actuarial and investment models. The graphical nature of the software... Continue reading

Tags: ESGs Risk Modelling Momentum ISC


By Chris Squirrell
July 20, 2017
Topic: Financial models

Work on the studio continues apace. 

The Studio is our online charting environment where clients can access interactive dashboards of mod... Continue reading

Tags: Financial Canvas Dashboards John Walley


By Chris Squirrell
June 01, 2017
Topic: Financial models

I was reading Amy Kessler’s excellent article in Professional Pensions this morning ‘Understanding the limitations of the CMI longevity model’.

Amy is right to remind us that the model has limitations. All models do; they are necessarily and by definition, simplifications of reality. (For the time being anyway until we can run simulations of reality within the simulation of reality that we all ‘exist’ if you subscribe to the hypothesis popularised by Elon Musk recently…). I digress.

So let’s just remind ourselves for now tha... Continue reading
Tags: Financial Models Financial Canvas


By Chris Squirrell
May 25, 2017
Topic: Model Visualisation

When it comes to creating visualizations on the web D3 is often your first port of call. Whether by putting together a custom creation from scratch, or making use of one of the many charting libraries and examples available.

The former, creating visualizations myself using the low-level functionality provided by D3, is my area of interest. In particular I'm interested in doing this over-and-over again. As with any other type of software development I'm involved with, I'm looking to make a trade-off be... Continue reading

Tags: Models Visualising


By Chris Squirrell
May 18, 2017
Topic: Pensions

I read Nikesh Patel’s engaging article Superflat with interest. Nikesh laments the focus on gilt yields and argues instead for a ‘time consistent flat discount rate’ to value pension schemes. It is always welcome to see discussion on alternatives to the current valuation methodology – marking £tr’s of pension liabilities to a tiny (by comparison) index linked gilt market has unintended consequences which Nikesh articulates well.

To my mind asset prices remain the right place to start. We need to be smarter though about how we choos... Continue reading

Tags: Pensions Assets Liabilities


By Chris Squirrell
December 06, 2016
Topic: Pensions

Many thanks to Bloomberg Intelligence for hosting their conference ‘Solving the Corporate Pension Conundrum’ yesterday. We met a few new faces amongst some old friends and the talks and conversations were thought provoking.

It is becoming increasing evident that marking-to-the-gilt-market is all very well as a point of reference but must be viewed in the broader market context. One slide from the engaging Jon Hatchett showed the relative decline since QE in gilt yields (staggering) and other credit markets (broadly flat) and shouts... Continue reading

Tags: Pensions


By Chris Squirrell
July 14, 2015
Topic: Financial models

Financial Canvas T6 Managing Model Risk from Sciurusly on Vimeo.

Congratulations to the members of the Institute of Actuaries Model Risk Working Party on their excellent, thought provoking paper: Model Risk – Daring to open up the black box.

The opening catalogue of $bn losses should attract attention and the subsequent analysis warrant further soul searching….

Is your organisation running the right amount of Model Risk? Do you understand the models that you are using? We offer below our brief overview of some high... Continue reading

Tags: Risk Management Financial Canvas Financial Models Actuaries


By Chris Squirrell
July 06, 2015
Topic: Financial models

10:30am.  Sunny Saturday morning in SW19.

An expectant hush as the crumpled tennis fans who’ve been queuing since Friday afternoon wait for the gates to open and the charge to the unreserved seating on court 3. Why? Dismissing the fare on the show courts, everybody wants to see Dustin Brown, conqueror of Nadal and self-styled creator of ‘dred-tennis’…

We were too slow and opted for Court 2. A thrilling game with Muguruza dominating Kerber and the first point in the tie break vyi... Continue reading

Tags: Financial Canvas


By Chris Squirrell
June 05, 2015
Topic: Financial models

We’ve received a lot of reaction to our latest post about Economic Scenario Generators which has spurred us on to ask you all what you really want from your asset models.

Does ‘arbitrage free’ keep you awake at night? Do you wait 6 weeks for scenarios – that don’t do what you want? Please take a few moments to complete our online survey and post a comment with the most important feature of a good ESG to YOU!

We’ll feedback next time and if you would like us to send you a copy of the results then please complete your detai... Continue reading

Tags: ESGs Financial Models

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